Taking Care of Color Treated Hair

March 24, 2020

Sometimes you want to freshen up your look with some color, right? Whether you have dyed your locks a shocking green or a nice subtle honey brown, your hair will now need a little extra love to keep it looking great. In order to maintain the soft, silky smooth texture or keep the buoyancy of your curls, you need these ten color-treated hair tips.

Change Up Your Shower Routine

Your color-treated strands can’t be washed in the same fashion you are used to with your virgin hair. The more shampoo scrubbing you give it, the quicker your color is going to fade away. Now, we aren’t suggesting you run around with a dirty head, but you should cut down on the number of times you are washing.

Try to switch out the shampooing to just three times per week, if you can, and make dry shampoo your best friend. If you have super oily hair and can’t cut down that much, at least switch to an every other day shampooing–but be advised, you will lose your color at a quicker rate.

For those that need to feel that scalp stimulating wash and rinse, you can try just conditioning on your non-shampoo days. This will keep things feeling routine while still protecting your color-treated locks. You will likely want to start using more conditioner than you already do as well.
Hair dyes, even the top-notch ones, can leave your strands more fragile and prone to breakage than they were before.

Dyed hair should also only be washed with color-protecting shampoo. The harsher formulas in regular shampoo bottles will take a toll on that color robbing you of your vibrancy. However, color-protecting formulas help keep things vivid and bright. You definitely want to choose a product that has low or no sulfates.

Protect Your Strands from Styling

Now that you’ve got your new shower routine figured out, you need to overhaul your styling routine. If you use a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron to tame your luscious locks, then you need to be vigilant with your heat protection.

There is something to be said for leaving off the heat styling altogether, but that isn’t an option for everyone. These items can lead to extra moisture loss which in turn cuts down on the longevity of your color. However, if you are going to use them, protect your hair with a heat protectant to mitigate the effects.

Protect Your Strands from the Elements

Another thing to think about when you are color-treating our hair is the way that you play! If you spend a lot of time out of doors, then you are going to want to invest in a UV filter finishing spray to keep the sun from bleaching out all of your color. You are likely already using sunscreen to protect your skin, a UV filter finishing spray does the same thing for your hair. If you are a swimmer, then you also need to consider the effects of chlorine on your hair. Everyone has heard the horror stories of a freshly dyed platinum do turning green after a trip to the pool, right? Well, it isn’t just an urban legend. Chlorine from your pool is rough on your locks. If you don’t want to wear a swimming cap, then you will want to apply a protective barrier to your hair to prevent any damage during your dip.

Don’t Forget Self-Care

Another way that you can protect your locks is to give them a little extra love in the form of a hair mask. Applying a high-quality mask for 10 minutes twice per week will go a long way towards keeping your dye job vibrant. The masks will nourish the hair by giving it a super high dose of moisturization. You will see increased shine and incredible softness. It is also important to remember that what you put inside your body shows up on the outside. Ensuring that you eat a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and oily fish like salmon will go a long way toward making you feel and look great. The omega-3 in the fish keeps your hair strong and super shiny. The minerals and vitamins in the fruits and veggies will also do their part in keeping your hair at its best. Now that you have these healthy hair tips aimed at keeping your color-treated hair looking amazing, you won’t fret over trying out that new shade!

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